New publication: The Jay R. Galbraith Memorial Project

Jay Galbraith passed away on April 8, 2014. Jay was a leading authority on organization design, a founding member of the Organizational Design Community, and an author of several articles in the Journal of Organization Design.

ODC and JOD are honoring Jay with a crowd-sourcing project contributed to his friends and colleagues worldwide.

JOD will publish the results of this project in Vol. 3, Issue 3, which will start appearing in August 2014.

Please respond to the following question, and be sure to include your title and affiliation. We would like to receive your response by July 1. Please submit to Thank you for your contribution to the Jay Galbraith Memorial Project.

Question: What ideas or insights regarding organization design have you obtained from the work of Jay Galbraith?

Please forward this announcement to colleagues who you think would like to contribute.


Charles C. Snow and Børge Obel

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