Towards Alliance Performance Management in Service Logistics


  • Bianca Keers Netherlands Defence Academy
  • Paul C. van Fenema Netherlands Defence Academy



alliance performance, performance management, stakeholder management, inter-organizational values, success map design


This study explores the management of stakeholder values for alliance success. A multiple-case study method is used to analyze – within six organizations attempting to form alliances – how the management of inter-organizational dimensions of stakeholder value adds to the success of an alliance business strategy. Our study focuses on the establishment of vertical service alliances within the Dutch maritime sector, including private-private as well as public-private initiatives. The findings point toward the usefulness of developing an inter-organizational success map. Because of its comprehensive multi-stakeholder orientation, a success map can be used by alliance managers to understand management’s considerations, including the trade-offs among an alliance’s various performance drivers. This new conceptual thinking can enhance research and best practices on inter-organizational design.




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Keers, B., & van Fenema, P. C. (2015). Towards Alliance Performance Management in Service Logistics. Journal of Organization Design, 4(1), 12–28.